Eco-Surfacing is founded upon the idea that new doesn't always mean better. With that simple concept in mind, we have set out to permanently change the landscape of how renovations are planned and implemented. 
Eco-Surfacing is based in Ocala, Florida. We are dedicated to the sales, distribution and installation of conformable laminates in North America. Specializing in banks, clinic rooms, wellness centers, hotels, restaurants, airports, malls, gas stations, offices and department store projects.

At Eco-Surfacing, we believe that companies shouldn't have to choose between corporate responsibility and making smart business decisions that enhance shareholder value. Although at times prevailing sentiment supports the notion that the two are at odds, in reality both the act of profit-making and that of being a good corporate citizen can go hand-in-hand with one another. There is no better example of this than when end-users decide to forego the disposal of their still-functional fixtures and instead update them via Eco-Surfacing.