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About Us

Eco-Surfacing is founded upon the idea that new doesn't always mean better. With that simple concept in mind we have set out to change the landscape of how renovations are planned and implemented.

Eco-Surfacing is based in Ocala, Florida. We are dedicated to the sales, distribution, and installation of Conformable Laminates through out North America. We specialize in banks, clinic rooms, wellness centers, hotels, restaurants, airports, malls, gas stations, offices, and department stores.

Our Mission

We strive to provide an  unprecedented level of  service to our clients while providing top-notch environmentally friendly real world solutions.

According to an EPA study

548 Million Tons of waste was produced from construction and demolition projects alone in 2015. This figure is up 14 million tons from the year before.

95% of all construction and demolition waste produced in the US was from demolition projects alone. 

Our projects typically produce 0.5% of the waste associated with a remodel of the same size. Saving money on disposal costs and the environment. 


By resurfacing otherwise discarded counter tops, cabinets, millwork, fixtures, and components we eliminate an enormous amount of trash. Why throw away perfectly good components when you can resurface at a fraction of the cost? 

Construction and Demolition Waste 2015
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