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Millions of Dollars are wasted every year on remodeling projects.

Less Waste

By resurfacing existing surfaces and components, remodeling and construction waste is significantly reduced. Most projects produce two 30 gallon trash bags of waste, compare that to a 30 yard dumpster. 

Less Down Time

Our process can be done after-hours with no interruption to the day-to day function of your business. 

Easier to Repair

Eco-Surfacing is a long lasting solution. Unfortunate as it is damages from abuse, misuse, or neglect will occur. NOT TO WORRY!! With our conformable laminates, repairs can be done easily and affordably, restoring to a like new condition.

Less Expensive

Eco-Surfacing's process and conformable laminates as a whole is less expensive than a traditional remodel. Our team can eliminate the need for certain contractors lowering the overall project cost. We also eliminate the need to throw away perfectly good millwork, cabinetry, counter tops and fixtures. 


With our conformable laminates you can save time, money, and aggravation. Everything about our resurfacing process keeps our clients best interests in mind. We wrote the book on conformable laminates and have developed the methods and techniques required to make Eco-Surfacing a long lasting permanent solution. 

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